Garden Buildings

  • Moving house to gain an extra bedroom could set you back well over £100,000.
  • You might be quite happy and settled where you are, but just need that extra space.
  • An extension or loft conversion might provide it, but have you priced up those options with your architect or builder?
  • Perhaps your house has already been extended and Planning Permission for another extension might not be an option?

At a fraction of the cost, a garden building might be the answer.

We built a prototype Summer House in 2002 - Thick walls packed with insulation, fully wired with sockets, inside & outside lighting, TV, double-glazed, etc. - warm and cosy in Winter, cool and comfortable in Summer, and still in perfect working order.

It was built to the maximum size/volume allowed in 2002. Fortunately, current Jersey Planning Law permits much larger structures to be built without Planning Permission, up to 30 sq.m in fact! As you might expect, there are caveats, and additional Building Permission is required for structures over a certain size and/or use, but generally, a much wider range of building uses is now possible.

Would you find any of these useful?....

Relaxing space

  • Garden chalet / retreat
  • Library / Reading Room
  • Home Cinema
  • HiFi Room
  • Music Room
  • Sewing Room
  • Art Studio
  • Study

Working Space

  • Home Office
  • Meeting / Project Room
  • Home Tuition / Classroom
  • Workshop
  • Studio

Activity Space

  • Home Gym
  • Games Room
  • Hobby Room
  • Dance Studio
  • Pool Changing Room
  • Play Room

Living Space

  • Granny Pod! / Flat
  • Teenager Den
  • Guest Room

Or simply a general or multi-purpose building providing a combination of uses - the list is endless.

Advantages over extending

  • No mess or disruption in your home.
  • Minimal site works (construction mainly off-site).
  • Fixed pricing - no surprises.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • You can take it with you if you move house! (It can be dismantled and re-assembled, including the foundations).
  • Adds far more to the value of your house than it costs.
  • Improves saleability with Home Offices being the new 'must have'.
  • Flexibility to make design changes - It's your building so the options should be open to you.
  • Layout not restricted to structural limitations of an existing house.
  • No need to upgrade the rest of your house to current regulations.
  • Completely separate from house - ideal for noisy activities (eg. Drum kits, band rehearsals) or a peaceful retreat from a noisyhouse!

Advantages of using LDaB

One-Stop-Shop, Turn-key, Design Led, etc., but without the problems associated with architects/designers at odds with builders/contractors and the poor client in the middle.

No hidden extras. No passing the buck! Every stage, from initial sketches to completion, is handled in-house by LDaB.


  • Exceeds minimum Building Regulations
  • Full Eco-construction - high insulation levels, Low-E high security double-glazed
  • High quality finish
  • Low maintenance
  • 10 year guarantee
  • 50 year design life - Built to last

Features and Options

  • High performance LED lighting (low power) inside and out
  • Phone, Internet, TV, music and Satellite points
  • In-house technical advice
  • Mains sockets
  • Smoke detector(s)
  • Burglar Alarm
  • Heating (minimal requirement)
  • Ventilation
  • Specially designed removable foundations - Garden easily restored afterwards.

Next Steps?

Your requirements

Please feel free to call or email to discuss your thoughts and ideas.

Site visit

to establish what size and shape of building is feasible.


Standard floorplans and 3D colour walk-through animations help to visualise the building.